Companies represented by people who do not like their job, continue to work even though they do not enjoy what they do, or are compelled to work, lose even if they are not aware of it. Some of them lose money, some reputation, some personnel, some their own conscience!

But they are losing no matter how fast or slow they are!

The error in the image can be described as a lack of commercial intelligence, inattention or even stupidity. I’m not going to do social engineering so as not to set an example of the motto in the ad years ago, “He who has a mouth speaks”. For me the reasons for these errors as a deficiency of “focusing”.

Since it is a very complex subject, questions are chasing questions, I am aware all of them. “What if the employer does not give the well-deserved rights! what if there is no justice within the company! what if mobbing is applied! what if the revenues are not distributed fairly? There may be those who will voice the arguments etc. I want to put all these possibilities aside by saying, “Everybody is right except me.”

I shared some anecdotes and memories that I observed and that left a mark on me. That’s all.

1-Years ago, while traveling by bus to a city in the Aegean, we stopped by a tiny bus station without even a door for WC. It was around 03.00 at night and there was an uncle 65-70 years old at the door. It must have been because of insomnia that I entered the washroom before I could greet, and when he left, again due to a mishap, I asked “how much” before I could greet. The old uncle stood up and handed me the cologne! I thanked him and asked “how much” for the second time. This time, he held out the “napkin”. I thanked him again and when he asked “how much” for the 3rd time, he put his hands on his stomach in a shameful way and said 50 penny Sir! A bus station without even a door, 3 a.m., a 70-year-old toilet attendant! I couldn’t forget his respect for his job despite the past 10 years!

2- I bought pastries months ago from a bagel seller on a busy street in the center of Antalya. After he gave me the pastry, by mentioning the weather was cold he asked me would you like drink hot tea? 😊 And he insisted! He sells pastries for 4 liras and strives for customer satisfaction by offering tea!

3- As far as I remember I was going back to Turkey from London. A wise guy passenger on the plane made a mess when his debit card didn’t work on the POS device. He was shouting by saying “why doesn’t the pos machine accept my card, there is no fault on my side! (I guess if the plane crashed it wouldn’t have made such a noise!) The hostess used her own card to offer the passenger the food and drink she wanted and silenced that passenger. Of course, I reproached the passenger next to me for the unpleasant situation and I learned that he was also working as a cabin attendant in a different company! Afterwards, I sent a thank you e-mail to the airline company for the stewardess who solved the problem.

4- When I was going back from Berlin to Turkey, I remember that I late just for a few minutes. Even though I had checked in online, my phone was locked and I couldn’t convince the Germans that I had a ticket. A German counter attendant, who saw me running from place to place, came up like a godsend. She jumped off the counters, found an open computer and, looking at my passport information, she took out my electronic ticket and gave it to me. Thanks to her, I miraculously caught the plane. I didn’t know German and she didn’t know English! No reward, money or position in the world could make that woman do these things. Her respect for her work and her empathy encouraged her to help me, that’s all!

5- During the years I worked at Adana HiltonSA, I had the chance to listen to a conversation of Demir Gürel, the general manager of the period. “There is a saying in our family; It doesn’t matter whether you are a pop player or a footballer, but you have to be the best” It is such a true and clear message!

6- The memory of Steve Paul Jobs with his father; “One day when he was helping his father to build fences around their house when he was little, his father asked him to do the painstaking work he had done in front of the garden as well in the back. “But no one will see them,” Steve had protested. His father replied, “But you’ll see,” and his father added that he had told him that a true carpenter used the best quality wood even on the face of the cabinet that came to the wall, and that they had to make the same point of view in the backyard.

7-I have read that some painters motivate themselves to show respect to their work by writing their own names on the canvas before they start painting.

8-Recall the words of Martin Luther King that one should respect one’s work; “If you are asked to sweep the streets, sweep as Michelangelo painted, Beethoven composed, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. Sweep so well that everyone in the sky and on the ground will stop and say that the best garbage man in the world lives here.”

9-In the past weeks, we had a conversation that lasted for hours with my teacher in a cafe close to the University. When I wanted to pay the bill, I noticed that some of the things we ate and drank were not included in the account. If we leave aside the excuses, this error occurs because they are not focused on their work. I fixed it myself and paid the correct figure. What about the others who don’t aware of that!

10- Hamit Topaloğlu, with whom I had the chance to work at Hilton about 20 years ago, was then worried about how we could include menus of international cuisines in the restaurants of the hotel where he worked, by uploading the menus of international cuisines to palm computers at that time.

11- Avni Aker, one of my esteemed professors at the university, brought the box of chocolate he bought in Vienna in his Tourism Policy class to the classroom and showed us that there was Mozart on the packaging, above all, showing his respect for his students and, in a way, his customers, who set their heart on Turkish tourism.

12-I had travelling by bus nearly 1 years ago. By fortuitously, I realized that the ticket money has been restored to my card by the relevant bus company. I sent an e-mail, then they forward my e-mail to the relevant departments. Then they called me. I said withdraw it from my card, they said no way! And I had to go to the nearest branch. I went, I paid as cash😊 It’s like a joke but true!

The point is, there is no such a thing as “Total Happiness”. Therefore, despite all possible shortcomings, employees should concentrate on their work and fulfill whatever their current duties require.

The training unit managers of the company, HR managers and of course the senior managers of the company will provide the concentration in question. You cannot expect results without training. There may be those who say, “although we trained them but nothing has change” My answer: No one is indispensable!

Have a great week ahead

Yakup Demir 18.12.2022