Ultimately, as a consumer, I wanted to express my experiences or discomforts about the “customer experience” that I have observed for a long time. Honestly, I have a hard time understanding how huge companies can be so indifferent to the problems of their customers who make money for them.

One of the most important issues that companies that serve in the e-commerce sector should be fully aware of is the awareness of how important the service is after sales as well as pre-sales. This consciousness makes a company in the vizier, in disgrace.

Companies can sell their products in some way, but if they cannot deliver the products they sell to their destination in a timely and healthy manner, or if they cannot be in interactive communication with their customers in case of possible delays, they will lose their customers, which they have gained with a lot of effort! But early but late!

When I consider and think about the strangeness that I have experienced in the last week, I again gave the right to the correct aphorism of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk that should be known and thought about by everyone.

“The one who loves his country the most is the one who does his job best” Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

E-Commerce websites

There are such products that the number of bad reviews written under the product is more than the number of good reviews. The common expression in bad reviews is “don’t buy!” How can a sane company continue to cooperate with vendors who offer products that make their customers unhappy on their website, under their own logo? Why would a brand allow its own image to be tarnished?

It is necessary to analyze the comments properly and to discuss the reasons with the sellers who provide bad products. “As a result of the feedback from you, our customers, the sale of this product has been cancelled.” Even a note like the one above to those looking for these bad products can be one of the marketing elements that can be used when recruiting new members.

I had a similar problem when I made a reservation from a world famous online booking site. When I conveyed the troubles I had at the hotel in Europe, they tried to solve it with a refund. My answer to them was: well, you paid for my loss, but what about those who will book that hotel after me? What if they don’t give you information like me? When I said you need to remove that hotel from your website, I got a non-customer-oriented commercial response!

Cargo processes

It is a fact that the volume of online shopping has increased compared to previous years, especially with the pandemic, and accordingly, cargo companies have grown. Recently, I started to get stressed because I was exposed to text and e-mail traffic after online shopping. Separate messages and emails from the cargo company apart from the site I shop from… By the way, I’m talking about the biggest companies in Turkey! I am confused which one to follow and which message to read. The link to track the cargo comes with the cargo tracking number. I click on the link, it says in the distribution. Wait God wait. I think the cargo is on the courier and the courier is coming to me, but I click on the relevant link with the tracking code for days and follow the life course of my dear cargo when it comes to me. I make plans according to the cargo. What if I am not at home or if the security at the entrance of the building is not in place when the cargo arrives, days spent with paranoid feelings! Arrivals before the estimated time or after the specified time. Some want a delivery code, some want an ID number, some say get it bro, I don’t want anything else. I think I was the first customer of the cargo, which is a subsidiary of a large holding. The young man came, he said, I brought your cargo incomplete. He called someone next to me, and when he gave his approval, he delivered the cargo. Then, when I opened the cargo, I saw that there were already two cargoes in the same box. I called the young man, gave information. It arrived 30 minutes later, your cargo is still in the warehouse, he delivered the third cargo that he said may be outside the city and forgot!

It’s not over! On the cargo tracking page, it says your cargo has been delivered. The first letter of the recipient’s name is not in my name, nor is this letter in the name of the site’s security. Who is the person with the name I do not know and why is he receiving my cargo? I call customer service who is just as confused as I am or they play their part very well. Did they deliver it to the branch, aaa!, was there a confusion in the branch? It’s like I’m working in that shipping company, not him!

It’s not over! Security is calling, he says I have your cargo. I ask why he did not come, but they did not find you. Do they go back without ringing? Do they randomly ring the doorbell? I don’t understand!

So why so much traffic? Let’s just say that your cargo will be delivered on this day. In which car was my banana cargo loaded, from which city did it come, to which delivery point did it arrive? Whether I know these or not, you are already bringing the cargo according to your operation. Why is the process so detailed that every detail puts people more stressed? I think shipping processes should be reviewed from scratch. Otherwise, there will be returns from online to offline at this rate!

Call centers

Regardless of the sector, call centers are one of the most valuable and most important departments for a company. Since the customer is the first point of contact, the team members working should be equipped, smart and concentrated on their work. I’m talking about direct interactive phone calls, that is, live dialogs, not mail or chatbots. Sometimes feedback from customers can be an important innovative idea that will positively determine the fate of companies. Therefore, there is always a need for team members who can understand, internalize and report them accurately in call centers. If you do not employ the right teams; You both miss out on potential good feedback and puts the customer in a position to hate your company. Even your soul doesn’t hear about your lost customers until you notice a decrease in the number of members or see bad comments!

Last week, I was waiting for a cargo from abroad, it arrived in Istanbul from the country where the cargo departed in 4 days and unfortunately I could not find a healthy information flow even though I was following it. I call customer service, one says your cargo is in Istanbul, the other says in Antalya. I contacted the 3rd person to report the person who gave the wrong information, but this person pissed me off more than the previous ones and I thought to whom should I report him this time! They constantly give wrong or incomplete information, and most importantly, they try to end the process with robotic answers instead of listening with empathy. By chance, I called again and I learned that I had to take delivery of the cargo myself, by my own effort, only 6 days after the cargo entered my country! Customer service neither heard my cries nor understood my questions nor did they empathize with my situation!

There may be delays, cancellations that cannot be transferred to the customer, and even the relevant cargo may be sent back to the country of origin. All possible and probable situations. But not if you don’t properly explain the process to the customer and make people fools!

Chatbot / Answering Machine

Chatbots are being used widely due to the lack of workforce, the interest in artificial intelligence and operational strategy. I say working because there is still a long way to go in this regard. As someone who studies dozens of companies, I have to share that the purpose of chatbot is to understand people and solve their problems. In other words, the fact that the answers given with the written question are irrelevant makes that customer tired, upset and angry. Either connect to the live support or forward to the email or say we’ll call you later, but don’t leave the customer like that!

There are those who do not return to the e-mail sent, and those who do not call you despite sending a voice recording!

The use of answering machines is older than chatbot, but it has similar problems in the process there. I wonder how many searches end with swearing in the statistics! Because I did not understand the answering machine, you gave incomplete or wrong information, it is normal for people to get angry when they say they are transferring to the main menu!

There are too many events that need to be examined, as well as what is written on complaint sites, what is written on dictionary sites, what is on the agenda in social media.


I can’t say that every company does the above examples or that every customer experiences the above experiences. I deliberately did not write the company names, but the company that wants can be taken on their own sentences and I think they should be! No matter how you define a customer, consumer or guest, there is no need to ruin these people’s experiences, waste their time, money and most importantly their trust!

For example, I had similar problems with a Turkish company that exports furniture to more than 20 countries. A letter of reprimand went to that company from the chamber of commerce. In the court, the judge said to my lawyer, “If your client were in a different country, he could have won serious compensations!” Unfortunately, the relevant branch of the relevant company is still active, but I do not know if there is any improvement after my lawsuit. What’s really sad is that I couldn’t get a proper response from the managers of the relevant company due to my bad experience!

As visionaries, companies that read the feedback correctly and take proactive steps accordingly provide “total benefit” by providing added value to both their customers, their companies, their employees and their countries. I think that what they call big companies must be companies that take care of this “total benefit”.

I wish you a nice Sunday, 23.10.2022

Yakup Demir